Well, it’s Buffalo Airmen, actually. Initially this picture confused us somewhat here at Bailey Towers. It is obviously taken on the set of the movie Hurricane, which is the story of the Polish pilots of 303 Squadron who fought in the Battle of Britain (which was co-written, not entirely coincidentally, by Mr RJ Bailey). Pictured are actors Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones) and Marcin Dorocinski (The Spies of Warsaw, Anthropoid). Iwan plays Jan Zumbach, who was both an ace pilot and a bit of a maverick and Marcin appears as the older, wiser Witold “Cobra” Urbanowich.  But what does the sign say?




Well, one clue can be found on Iwan’s Twitter feed, which reveals a man who is passionate about both Wales and the environment. The second clue comes from our long-ago habit of drinking Zubrowka vodka, the Polish stuff with the bison grass in it. Yup, it is something grim to do with Polish bison. The government in Poland already permits an annual cull of the splendid beasts (which, ironically, are the symbols of nature conservation in the country) but it recently gave permission for logging in one of the last redoubts of the bison, the primeval forest of Bialowieza. So the sign reads something like:


For more details and some rather wonderful photos of bison, see here:


Meanwhile, here is an official photo from the set of Hurricane.

Screenshot 2017-10-25 12.13.12




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