Most authors face the problem at some point that they have over-written. The book is too long or part of it is a diversion too far. Or, in our case, we liked one of the characters a little too much and gave him a comprehensive backstory. Very comprehensive. In the end we realised that this background material slowed the flow of the main narrative and, reluctantly, we cut it out. Still, we believe that knowing more about this pivotal figure will add to  the enjoyment of NOBODY GETS HURT, which is out today (Jan 11th). And so, as a PDF, that material is arranged as a short story (HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER), which can be read as a pdf on any device. Click on the link below.

How To Make A Monster Ebook 4





Despite what it says on the cover, Sam barely features in HTMAM. The story acts as a prequel to the novel below, where she definitely does.


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